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About Us

Chipnets (Raref) Electronics is one of leading Professional independent distributor electronic components, electronics part in Shenzhen, HongKong through the development over 10 years and has become the reliable partner for the domestic and foreign OEM manufacturers.

Our main aim is to effectively meet customer requirements, to offer best prices with strict quality control, to give over 1 year or more quality guarantee, to search and find out the short supply IC over the world.For many years as specialized supplier of electronic component and good relationship with the worldwide electornics manufacturers ,Broker, Agents, Commission and more, our low cost,high efficiency, and good services are our significant advantages and has brought about our reputation of the trade.Welcome congregations in business negotiations, mutual benefit and common development.

Anti counterfeit system
As a anti counterfeit-focused platform, in order to customer peace of mind
Our logistic system
Our one-stop package service is your necessity.
Our future
Our excellence service, competitive price, highly quality product, 365 days guarantee, on time delivery will benefit you a lot.